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Let Xccell Technologies show you the power of bundled VoIP communication packages. We build a voice, data, and video solution for you in a way you can understand and benefit from converged services. Xccell is deploying the latest technology in enhanced communications services, designed to give business more flexibility and to reduce your traditional communications expenses.


Virtual Trunks, PRI and Hosted PBX Services:

Every VoIP trunk and PRI provide a solid IP to PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network) connection for a variety of VOIP PBX Systems. Each VoIP trunk and PRI can be configured to handle both SIP and IAX2 protocols using G.711, G.729 or G726 codecs. Each VoIP trunk and PRI enables one (1) simultaneous call and can be used with a Virtual PBX or as a stand-alone product to enable IP—-> PSTN connectivity. Each trunk and PRI does include UNLIMITED local calls in the United States and Canada.

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Are you a Candidate for our Hosted PBX Services?

  • Do you want control and management over moves, adds, and changes?
  • Are you looking for increases in business productivity?
  • Do you want to eliminate costly upgrades or expansion?
  • Do you want to eliminate the costs and management associated with having branch offices?
  • Do you want immediate access to new features?

Xccell Technologies offers professional business class Managed VoIP PBX hosting services. MVP gives you better choices and all your needs are delivered via the same circuit.

Xccell Technologies can provide and integrate a variety of broadband VoIP solutions for your business needs, including:


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